Privacy Policy

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This website respects your privacy

This website is an experiment to see how feature-full a static website which performs no tracking and respects user’s choice to not run Javascript can be.

Logs and Analytics

The only usage data this website collects is in the form of Apache Access Logs and Error Logs. These logs cannot be trivially tied directly back to individuals.

As of this writing the logs are automatically rotated monthly.

The logs are used for creating an AWStats analytics dashboard which is available to the public here:

Mentions and Federation

This website supports webmentions and pingbacks (mentions).

If you send a webmention or pingback to this wite then the webmention server (go-jamming) will download the source page, parse it for the mention and store it in the mentions database for inclusion in the next build.

This website is hosted by folks who respect your privacy

This website utilizes shared hosting from Nearly Free Speech which may or may not collect further usage data.

They are a privacy respecting web host. You can find info about how they approach privacy here

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