Why A Generated Site?

Some folks asked me why I decided to use a static site generator (Hugo) even though I make software (including websites) professionally.

At first pass it might seem like a good idea – why not take this opportunity to show off my web dev skillz.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that was the first iteration of this site.

But once I sat back and thought about it, I remembered some important wisdom: I don’t make code for a living; I solve problems for a living.. usually with code :)

I don’t intend for this website to be any more complex than a billboard on the internet, so any programming framework seems like overkill. Also, I want to be able to easily add content to this site so it doesn’t become too stale.

So I decided to do what any quality engineer would do:

Maximize innovation within my problem domain (i.e. what should go on my internet billboard), and leave the rest to others with more expertise – to the extent that the budget allows.

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