The Road to Webmentions

I really like the idea of Webmentions and the opportunity they present to live a less siloed life on the web.

Hopefully I can add Webmentions to this site without too much trouble, is a list1 of my design goals:

  • No client-side Javascript

  • The server for recieving Webmentions can be hosted economically

  • A copy of the Webmention is stores in the git repo

  • Webmentions are stored near the mentioned content

So far I’ve only heard of, but unfortunately I think it requires Javascript to work. Since a primary design goal of this site is to be NoJS friendly that isn’t going to work for me 😅

Luckily Webmentions are an open standard, so I’m sure there are plenty of implementations availiable. Worst case scenario I have a fun excuse to write my own

  1. In priority order 😉 ↩︎

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