My Next Static Site Generator

Despite the enthusiasm of my previous post I havn’t posted in a while.

Initially this was due to laziness, but for at least the last few months this has been due to a technical issue – I can’t build the site to publish new content.

I still think a generated site is the right path forward, but I don’t think Hugo was the right choice of generator for me.

I’ve decided to look for a new static site generator, without having done any research yet, here’s my wishlist:

  • Converts markdown files into html with some degree of templating / sitemap generations
  • Outputs plain HTML & CSS, should be no JS compatible, no server side rendering.
  • Implemented in a language I’m familiar with (feels like React should be a good fit?)
  • Able to be built in a Github Action
  • Some seperation between content and templates
  • Some sort of community behind it

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